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UAB Acorus Calamus products have earned the trust of customers and are valued for their reliable quality and safety, all of which are guaranteed by the particularly thorough screening of raw material suppliers, the GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) quality management system, a production process complying with all the EU requirements for the manufacture of pharmaceuticals, and our own quality laboratory where analyses of raw materials and production are regularly carried out in order to ensure the quality and safety of products.

Image by Ousa Chea

The company has been issued a Good Manufacturing Practice certificate verifying that it employs good manufacturing practice - a component of quality assurance, guaranteeing consistent production and control of the product in line with the applicable quality standards so that the finished product complies with its intended purpose and the requirements of marketing authorisation and specifications.

The company holds a license to produce pharmaceuticals. The licensing system of pharmaceutical producers ensures that medicinal preparations circulating in the EU market are made by licensed companies whose activities are systematically controlled by the authorised institutions of the EU Member States. 


The company has implemented a Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP) system - an internationally recognised method allowing food industry companies to identify food safety risks while avoiding food safety hazards and complying with the legal requirements.

UAB Acorus Calamus production license.

UAB Acorus Calamus food handling certificate.

In addition to the aforementioned systems ensuring particularly high-quality products, the commitment of the company to produce natural and environment-friendly products is no less important. Only certified suppliers, who have implemented similar quality systems, supply our raw materials and packaging materials; exclusively natural materials - paper, cardboard and 100% natural cotton - are used for the packaging of products. A lot of manual labor is also involved- raw materials, which pass a variety of quality assurance procedures, are again sorted manually seeking to ensure quality, which is impossible to attain by automated machinery.

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