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Acorus have a large portfolio of products which are suitable for food sales channels, e-commerce and for sale in pharmacies. We have a screening system that shows which products are fast moving in specific sales channels, countries where production is distributed in terms of popularity. This whole system allows to access all information quickly, organize it correctly, and turn it into clear steps.

Herbal Tea
Herbal Medicine

We are committed to cooperating efficiently and professionally, therefore we provide our partners with all the necessary materials to work with our products – video, photos, descriptions, visuals, marketing’s texts, information about logistics, products moving and other specifics. We are transparent– we talk with our partners openly, that’s what makes us a reliable partner to work with. In a partnership with us, there’s no space for distrust, undisclosed information, and intolerance. Experienced “Acorus” knows how to maintain business relations sincere, solid, and progressive. We encourage our clients to join meetings with us frequently, talk about common questions, updates, discuss shared achievements, likewise, our team members are devoted to being as much available as possible.

International sales

The company's products are sold in all home country’s pharmacies and retail shopping centers. Speaking about international relations, our production can be found in 32 countries from all over the world. Acorus is honored to have partners from all over the world- Germany, UK, Latvia, Netherlands, Slovenia, Poland, Belarus, Saudi Arabia and etc. We are happy that strong business believes in us, each partnership gives us some new insights, valuable connections, and different observations.  We are always striving for the highest results, we are actively expanding our sales outlets abroad, we are looking for cooperation opportunities and we continue to make our name known as a reliable herbal products company. Currently we are actively expanding our production on Amazon- our assortment can be found in DE, IT, ES, FR, UK, USA, SG, SW, NL, PL markets.

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Private label

As a leading product manufacturer in the Baltic Region working with the latest technology in tea packing lines of the well-known world companies IMA, OMAG, FUSO, we have preserved the century-old production traditions of herbal products. Our business partners can benefit from tea and liquid pre-packaging that is tailored to their individual needs. We ensure the high quality of products and their packaging, as well as beneficial terms of the partnership.

Depending on the client's needs, we can develop a unique product based on your own recipe. Our assortment of raw materials has more than 100 names; we can deliver all the available substances.

Why is our home country - Lithuania perfect for herbal manufacturing and business development? Here are some facts!


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