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The Story of Acorus LAB

Acorus is modern, oriented towards the modern human, constantly expanding its range with new and efficient solutions. We are part of a strong and long-standing name, awarded with many honors and certifications. Our highest priority is quality, so we are constantly improving our processes by combining long-standing traditions and innovations, creating new and efficient solutions for customers in our private laboratory and our quality department ensures that products reach you in the highest quality.

We are always striving for the highest results, we are actively expanding our sales outlets abroad, we are looking for cooperation opportunities and we continue to make our name known as a reliable herbal products company.


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Our expertize 

Our company has extensive experience in manufacturing a wide range of products, such as herbal functional teas, food supplements, and tea sets for gifts. We adhere to the highest European quality standards for both food and pharmaceutical standards. Our products do not contain artificial additives, dyes and flavor enhancers.

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What do we provide?

From private label partnership to distribution of our products. We Have a wide range of partnership possibilities and we’re always looking for new opportunities.

How we do things?

Our company has strong work principles and we are moving forwards by them: strong business connections, transparency with our teams and clients, good internal relations to all employees.

Our quality standards?

We continuously upgrade our production lines, thus final products meet even the most strict requirements of quality control. The highest European requirements for quality apply to both - herbal and regular teas produced by us. 

Our focus areas?

We work in accordance with the principles of sustainable business, we create a strong environment and we feel responsible for it. Our company promotes sustainable and responsible organization ideas, and spreads positive experiences.

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Head office in Vilnius, Lithuania

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