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With deep knowledge in the field of herbs and phytotherapy, we have developed effective teas for various body and health functions. Produced tea meets the highest EU quality standards, using the latest technologies we have produced a product without metal and glue, which allows the beneficial properties of the herbs to be revealed to the maximum. The convenient pack contains 30 tea pyramids, which are recommended to be used for 15 days to achieve the maximum expected results. The production of Acorus functional teas combines science, modern technology and many years of experience. The ingredients in the tea are carefully selected by scientists with vast knowledge in the field of herbs and supplements. The recipes are based on the basic rule of ACORUS: created from the best ingredients in the optimal amount to achieve the best possible effect.


Product uniqueness:

Convenient to use

Lots of choices for different problem or healing functions

Modern packaging

Made without glue or metal

The highest quality herbs are selected

Effective recipes created by scientists

Suitable for vegans

No added sugar

Without GMOs

Lactose free

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